Adventures in Community Science
Adventures in Community Science

Adventures in Community Science

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Adventures in Community Science allows young readers and educators to explore various community science projects through natural history, journal entries, and sample data sets. One part nature journal and one part call to action, these studies and surveys will inspire readers to engage the natural world through hands-on exploration. Projects include:  

• Horseshoe Crab Rescue
• Night Lights (Firefly Activity)
• Finding Frogs
• Mystery Mussel
• Lanternflies Have Landed
• The Great Shorebird Migration
• SOS—Save Our Spiders  

The project-based learning approach is used in each of the seven adventures and encourages young scientists to make observations, collect data, and contribute to conservation efforts while gaining an understanding of nature. Science practice and education have become increasingly important in our world, and this how-to guide will have kids, their families, teachers, students, and community science groups examining the natural world around them while collecting meaningful data, learning science by practicing science, and helping to protect species and ecosystems in their backyards, in their communities, and throughout the world.