Nature Explorer Sketchbook

Nature Explorer Sketchbook

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Ignite children’s imaginations with this beautiful sketchbook for drawing, sketching, and recording observations in nature.

There is an artist, a writer, a naturalist within us, waiting to be unlocked. The natural world is a wonderful place to find inspiration. Become a nature explorer with acclaimed artist and naturalist Jenny deFouw Geuder. The Nature Explorer Sketchbook is a kids’ introduction to observing and recording discoveries in nature.

The sketchbook is perfect for drawing, sketching, and painting what children see outside. It also doubles as a journal for everything from taking notes to writing poetry. Jenny’s prompts and tips along the way offer direction for kids who might not know how to begin or who might be looking for different approaches to try.

The Nature Explorer Sketchbook gives children a creative outlet for expressing their thoughts and feelings through artwork and written observations. It’s a keepsake for them to cherish, and it promotes an interest in nature. Use it on its own, or pair it with Jenny’s book Nature Explorer for informational content, craft ideas, and other hands-on projects.